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On Farm Food Safety

Although Canadian-produced farm products have proven to be extremely safe, news reports from other, less careful parts of the world have served to heighten consumer awareness of the problem of contamination of farm produce. So even though they have an excellent record, Canadian fresh fruit and vegetable producers are taking consumer concerns regarding on-farm food safety very seriously.

The Canadian Horticultural Council (CHC) has defined on-farm food safety as "agricultural practices that promote the safe production of fresh fruits and vegetables, taking into account the conditions specific to a particular production area, the type of product and methods used in such a way as to minimize potential human health hazards due to the contamination of fresh fruits and vegetables." With this definition in mind, the CHC, in partnership with other government and inspection agencies, has developed guidelines to assist producers in the safe production, handling, storage and transportation of farm produce. Although these guidelines are relatively new and are as yet voluntary, they should help in the reassurance of consumers as to the safety of Canadian-grown farm produce. CHC's On-Farm Food Safety Program is called CanadaGAP. Producers interested in the on-farm food safety guidelines should contact the CHC or follow the CanadaGAP link below.

With regards to Nova Scotia apples, pears and associated products, consumers can rest assured that Nova Scotia producers are well aware of concerns about contamination and that Nova Scotia products already have an excellent safety record. The Nova Scotia Fruit Growers' Association Board of Directors supports the CHC On-Farm Food Safety Program and therefore it does not support the spreading of biosolids.

For more information see the CanadaGAP page.

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