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Additional Reading Material

The following publications provide information on every aspect of growing, harvesting and storing Nova Scotia apples, as well as selected information on other fruit crops. Most publications listed here were published by the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and Marketing and/or Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Kentville, Nova Scotia.

• NSFGA Apple News
• Variety Notes
• Storage Notes

Spray Schedules
• Orchard Management Schedule
• Orchard Management Schedule Update
• Plum Spray Schedule
• Sweet Cherry Spray Program
• Peach Spray Program

Pesticide Info and Application
• Compatibility Chart
• Tree Row Volume
• Pesticide Container Recycling Program
• Toxicity of Fungicides
• Classification and History of Fungicides
• Comparative Health Hazards of Pesticides
• Days to harvest for tree fruit pesticides
• Pesticide Safety

Orchard Management
• The Tree Fruit Industry in Nova Scotia
• Soil Physical Requirements for Apples
• Preparing for the New Orchard
• Planting and Care of the Young Orchard
• Pruning and Training the Apple Orchard
• Stocks for Apples
• 155 System
• Guide to Pollination and Space Requirements of
Apple Trees
• Spur-Type Apple Trees
• Fitting Spur-Type McIntosh into the New Orchard Design
• Specialized Juice Apple Production
• Bee Pollinators of Apple and Lowbush Blueberry in Nova Scotia

Fertility and Nutrients
• Orchard Fertility
• Nutrient Sprays
• Control of Bitter Pit and other Calcium-Deficiency Disorders
• Atlantic Soils Need Lime
• Calcium Guidelines

Thinning and Growth Regulators
• Thinners and Growth Regulators for Fruit Trees
• Ethrel on Apples Varieties and Strains
• Apple Cultivars
• Jonagold Fact Sheet
• Novaspy Fact Sheet
• Honeycrisp Fact Sheet
• Idared - What we know about Idared
• Plum Varieties and Recommendations for the Annapolis Valley
• Recommended Apple Varieties for Nova Scotia

Harvest and Post-Harvest
• Apple Harvesting
• Refrigerated Storage for Apples and Pears
• Physiological Disorders and Storage Rots of Stored Apples
• Information for Apple Pickers
• Recommended Storage Conditions for Nova Scotia Apples

Insects and Mites
• European Red Mite
• The Codling Moth
• Pest Management Suggestions for Codling Moth
• The Winter Moth
• The Eyespotted Budmoth
• Rosy Apple Aphid
• Mirid Pests
• Predatory Mirids
• The Apple Maggot
• Pest Management Suggestions for Apple Maggot
• Tarnished Plant Bug
• The Whitemarked Tussock Moth

• European Canker of Apples
• Soil Fumigation

• Guide to Chemical Weed Control Pest Management Photo ID Sheets
• Pages 1 to 12

Orchard Pest Management Fact Sheets
• Pests
• Beneficials
• Diseases
• Control of Orchard Mice

IPM Information and Guides
• Modified Spray Program (T. pyri)
• Nova Scotia Growers Co-operate With Nature

Farm Business Management
• Tree Fruit Farm Management Analysis Project (FMAP)

Occupational Health and Safety
• Pesticide Safety Handbook - First Aid
• Farmers - Know Your Responsibilities for OHS

• Coping with Deer
• Organic Apple Production Guide for Nova Scotia
• Schedule of Analytical Services
• Collecting Soil and
Leaf Samples

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